Mailing Technical Services

What we do

Since 1987, Mailing Technical Services (MTS) has provided comprehensive mail processing and mailing services for businesses.  For more detail of these service offerings, please select from the categories below.  If you have any questions, please contact us here.

First Class Daily Mail and Packages (USPS)

Every mail day:

  • Our courier picks up all unpostaged and reduced postage first class letters; unpostaged flats, certified and priority mail
  • Upon arrival of your mail at our facility, we meter or permit all letter, flat, certified and priority mail, where applicable
  • To help enable piece tracking and improve delivery, we automate (uniquely bar code) each eligible piece of mail
  • We comingle your mail and sort it with all other mail (just like the USPS does)
  • We package your mail in uniquely labeled containers, 70% of the time the container is labeled for it's final destination
  • We submit electronic paperwork for all eligible mail to the USPS
  • We then deliver all mail to the USPS

Using MTS daily mail pickup has these advantages:

  • You will pay less than the USPS stamp rate for your letter size mail
  • If your meter lease or rental is month-to-month, you can return the meter and eliminate meter rental fees, ink costs, refill charges and labor expense
  • If you are still in a lease, you can meter your letter mail at a reduced rate and we will still pick up your letter mail and other unpostaged mail
  • Postage will be actual based upon the actual weight of each piece of mail; no more weighing each piece or guessing as to weight
  • You will likely have a later time for your outgoing mail
  • For mail that is automated, we can help with tracking that piece at the individual piece level
  • No waiting in line at the USPS; we also pick up your unpostaged Priority Mail and Packages
  • Priority Mail rates are the same as you would pay at the USPS counter
  • We can also pick up your morning post office box mail and deliver it to your place of business for a small daily fee
  • MTS has extensive knowledge of USPS regulations and rules, we work closely with the USPS on a daily basis
  • No more trips to the USPS

Please visit MTS here and contact us about first class mail pricing and how MTS can save you time and money.

Processing Invoices, Statements and Letters

MTS offers a broad range of services to receive raw or finished data for invoices, statements and letters and mail them. Some examples are:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly or on demand invoices and/or statements
  • Marketing and/or solicitation letters
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or on demand collection letters

MTS additionally offers:

  • When possible, addresses are standardized and checked for validity; MTS optionally updates addresses before mailing using the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • All relevant results are electronically returned to you, including production counts and NCOA invalid addresses and new addresses as assigned by NCOA
  • We can insert a wide variety of selective (or constant) inserts into envelopes based upon content of the invoice, statement or letter
  • We use YOUR personalized mailing envelope, provided for and inventoried by MTS, not a generic one
  • We can selectively insert a personalized remittance envelope only if money is due, thereby saving money on envelope costs
  • We can print on your preprinted forms (provided for and inventoried by MTS) or we can generate a dynamic form using our full color or black and white printer
  • MTS can produce (and selectively insert) checks with our high speed MICR printer
  • Attended or unattended system to system transfer of data in a variety of protocols and formats either scheduled or on-demand
  • We can turn most any raw data into an invoice, statement or letter, please call us for more information

Please visit MTS here and contact us about mail processing and how MTS can save you time and money.

USPS Marketing (Advertising) Mail

Marketing mail provides for a reduced postage rate compared to first class mail rates.  Qualifying non-profit organizations can save substantially more.  Some restrictions apply as to the content of what can be mailed, how invalid addresses are treated and also delivery days can be longer than first class mail.  Regardless, USPS marketing mail can be an excellent choice for businesses and non-profits looking to advertise their services using cards or letters or to ask for donations. Marketing mail can be mailed to targeted individuals or businesses, to certain zip codes, entire cities, or even to an individual USPS carrier route.

Targeted individuals and/or businesses can be from your supplied name and address list or can be obtained by purchasing a list of names and addresses based upon a wide variety of demographics.  When you provide the list, and as part of a mailing, we will run the names thru National Change of Address (NCOA) and optionally mail only to valid addresses and generally mail to someone's 'new' address as provided for by NCOA. We will, upon request, provide the invalid addresses and those people who have moved in electronic form back to you, at no charge, so you can update your records.

Most customer supplied lists generally have between 10 and 20 percent of undeliverable marketing mail before running thru NCOA.  Not mailing to invalid addresses and mailing to the 'moved to' address saves postage and printing costs.

MTS will work with you, your designer and/or printer of choice to help ensure that the marketing piece is within USPS specifications before printing.  MTS can also print full color, black and white and even variable MICR on our high speed digital printers.

Please visit MTS here and contact us about your marketing mail plans and how we can help save time and money.

Contacting Mailing Technical Services

Phone Numbers:
Voice: (406) 245-1234
Fax: (406) 545-3090

Production Facility:
Mailing Technical Service, Inc.
850 S 27th Street
Billings, MT 59101

Mailing Address:
Mailing Technical Service, Inc.
PO Box 1753
Billings, MT 59103

Our hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
We are closed most USPS holidays